Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sid says no. 3

So….I got s haircut….Not really loving it!

J The little guy needed a cut, because it's  been so hot outside and because he is shedding like crazy. He likes it, he just doesn't know it yet J

Hugs to all XO

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nail mania no. 4

Hi everyone,

I have a nail update. I went and reapplied the gel. It took about 40 minutes. This time the coat of gel was much thinner, and the girl that did them filled my cuticles a lot more.
Below you can see some recent pictures with details.

Hugs to all XO

my nails about 1 week and a half after they were done,
 I did them in a nude color
I finally painted my nails last week

I revamped my polish with a sparkly rim

I love this sparkly polish, it's Seventeen no 529
 and the blue I just can't get enough of, it's Miss Sporty 470

Had to do something marine themed for end of summer,
 and I also cut the nails; although they are gel, because
the layer is so thin I could cut them with a regular scissor 

Sid says no. 2


Exciting news from Sid,  a new discovery has been made the longer you sleep next to a computer the smarter you get. Be it in a basket, on the laptop or on the keyboard, the important thing is to be in it's vicinity.