Monday, July 21, 2014

OOTW no. 1


I really like to see what other people wear, just because it gives me new ideas, so I've decided to post some outfits of my own.

I will  try to do this weekly, but it will probably not be so often. I will not write where I got the pieces from in the description just because I don't know if anyone is really interested to wear exactly the same things, and I might not remember where they're from. But if you really want to know where I purchased something from just leave me a comment and I will answer.

Talk to you soon,

:* Gen 
ps: sorry for the bad lighting, it can't be helped 

Nail mania no. 3

Hi everyone,

I just got my nails done with gel, for the first time. It took about an hour, the girl that did them just filed my natural nails a bit and shaped them, then put gel on a couple of times. She then filed a bit more and painted them.
This is how they look now, we'll see how they wear and if I can paint over them with other colors and how it will look.

Hugs to all :*